G80 + DS

Sturdy partitioning and minimalist sliding door with safety glass

The G80 glass partition (with single or double glazing) offers a bold look and great user friendliness. The triple-channel profiles allow for glass partitions up to 3 metres tall, without a transom. Flush mounting to the ceiling and floor is possible. The system’s sturdy construction ensures years of enjoyment, even with heavy use.

The DS sliding door is a seamless addition, continuing the line of the partitioning without interruption. Safety glass increases safety in the office, as does the lack of doors opening outward. Thanks to the sliders at the top, a track along the floor is unnecessary. Add an optional automatic closing system and the door will gently close itself.

Select your own colour (standard or custom RAL colour), profile finish (anodised or powder coat, matt or glossy, texture), glazing (clear, frosted, coloured, Vanceva glass), door handles or pulls, division into panels or interplay of lines.