M50 + MS

Partitioning and monovolume sliding door with frames and panels

This M50 glass partition is ideal for those who love an industrial look. The aluminium frame with double glazing can be divided according to your preference. The M50 invites you to get creative. The monovolume sliding door is a perfect addition. This door is constructed using an aluminium frame and can also be divided as you wish. Several glass panes are fixed to either side using adhesive.

You can combine various styles and colours of glass in a single partition or door, making the range of design options very broad. Your partitioning will be a true eye catcher!

The sliding door can move either alongside or into the wall. It slides smoothly and soundlessly along a track that can be mounted to the surface or flush with your wall or ceiling. There is no visible hardware along the floor.

Select your own colour (standard or custom RAL colour), profile finish (anodised or powder coat, matt or glossy, texture), glazing (clear, frosted, coloured, Vanceva glass), door handles or pulls, division into panels or interplay of lines.