G70 + D2-70

Full-height glazed partitioning and double-glazed hinged door

This G70 partitioning system has ultra-slim aluminium profiles and glass reaching to the ceiling, creating a great feeling of spaciousness. The profiles can be mounted flush to the ceiling and floor. Opt for single or double glazing depending on the required acoustics.

The glass of the D2-70 steel-look framed door is completely flush with the aluminium frame and the wall on both sides of the door. Minimalist design at its finest! The hinges integrate subtly with the rest of the design. The locking mechanism is part of the door’s frame. This door has wonderful acoustics as well.

Select your own colour (standard or custom RAL colour), profile finish (anodised or powder coat, matt or glossy, texture), glazing (clear, frosted, coloured, Vanceva glass), door handles or pulls, division into panels or interplay of lines.