Space-R | AVC Gemino


Having a space where people can meet and work (together) is essential to employee wellbeing, health and productivity. However, due to challenging building joints and the variety of project participants, creating these spaces often runs into difficulties and frustration. Installing or moving walls takes considerable time, energy and money. Space-R relegates these problems to a thing of the past. Its plug-and-play wall profiles are easy to install or relocate, and leave the floors and ceilings unscathed. This doesn't mean compromising on design, either – thanks to mix-and-match material options. Space-R also provides excellent acoustics.


Imagineers of space(s)

Space-R® is a new invention by AVC Gemino. Patent is pending. AVC Gemino is a Belgian company specialising in vertical space partitioning. These imagineers of space(s) always seek out the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, durability and acoustics. The creative team fuses imagination and engineering to create a unified whole.


  • Mix & match materials
  • Move to the rhythm of the grid
  • Seamless ceiling, wall and floor connection
  • Evolves along with you
  • Keep the body, change the skin
  • Top-notch acoustic performance