Sliding panel door SWV

Custom sliding panel door

These modern made-to-measure sliding doors are well thought-out and have a practical design with a smooth, compact look and concealed integrated technology. They are ideal as an optical screen between two spaces, or for a wall cabinet. The intended function, location and arrangement determine the choice of materials and the sliding partition type.
The tailor-made sliding doors are available in various materials, varying from full tempered glass doors to ‘full panels’ that have a solid core and are made of ‘solid’ full-core material.

Sliding partitions are very contemporary and trendy, but are less suited to frequently-used passages or places with high acoustic or thermal requirements! They are ideal for use between the living room and kitchen, living room and office, bedroom and wardrobe, bedroom and bathroom, and so on. They are less suitable in locations with frequent passage traffic or increased acoustic and thermal requirements, such as between the hallway and living room. For these locations you're better off looking at the pivoting doors which offer better ergonomics.