Pivoting panel door SVD

Anywaydoors binnendeur zonder omlijsting
Anywaydoors grijze blokdeur
Anywaydoors kamerhoge binnendeur modern
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anywaydoors kamerhoge binnendeur
Anywaydoors moderne binnendeur van vloer tot plafond
Anywaydoors moderne blokdeur op maat
Anywaydoors moderne blokdeur
Anywaydoors moderne blokdeuren
Anywaydoors moderne taatsdeur centrale taatsscharnier
Anywaydoors onzichtbare binnendeur op maat
Anywaydoors onzichtbare binnendeur
Anywaydoors pivoterende deur
Anywaydoors witte binnendeur met onzichtbare omlijsting
Anywaydoors zwarte binnendeuren
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print

Custom pivoting panel door

Create a true design statement in your home with our innovative "Room Divider", which offers a unique 360° central pivoting hinge or offset axis pivoting hinge, tailor-made to your needs.
Our modern pivot doors are equipped with invisible pivoting hinges without floor fixtures. The compact hinge system features a high-tech comfort closure which works in both swing directions, allowing doors to revolve up to 360°.
These innovative hinges make it possible for a door as heavy as 150kg to feel as light as a feather. The Anyway philosophy allows the door to open in all possible directions. A pivoting door equipped with a 360° central pivot point can therefore revolve endless.

All pivot doors close soundlessly by means of patented locking technology integrated in the door as well as in the minimalist frame. The male (convex) part consists of a synthetic profile on the door leaf; the synthetic fitting in the door frame is the female (concave) part. Every Anyway door can therefore be set at an opening of 90°, or 180°/360°. Even with doors swinging at 180°/360°, this guarantees perfect closure and positioning. The invisible built-in ventilation is also provided as standard with full doors and glass-framed doors.
This pivot door concept can be used frameless, but it will lose it's "closing" capabilities this way. Light and air will bleed through around the door. The pivot concept is compatible with all doorframes designed by Anyway Doors for a perfect fit.