Pivoting glass door SKD 75

Custom pivoting glass door

These crittall style masterpieces integrate seamlessly into any interior style.
Our distinctive pivoting room dividers have the ability to completely transform a space. Not just by giving it a cool and modern edge, but also by offering a modular way to open up space and letting in more light.
Pivot doors are a creative way to cleverly partition open areas to different zones, without any compromise on light or space.

Due to clever engineering, even a toddler can open doors that weigh up to 150 kg!
The old school crittall style is remastered by ANYWAYdoors with matte black anodized aluminium. This results in a lightweight pivot door system, which is fully made-to-measure and can be fitted with any kind of 6 mm thick tempered glass. Most clients choose clear glass with or without the optional aluminium grid lines on the glass. Various other popular glass types such as matte or colored glass can also be mounted in the black frame.

Our patented Stealth Pivot hinge system is equipped with a high-tech comfort closure, which actively works in both swing directions. These innovative pivot hinges make it possible to tailor make a glass pivot door up to 5.5 m², that feels as light as a feather. Even a toddler can safely open and close the door due to ingenious product design.

The "Anyway philosophy" allows the door to open in all possible directions. The hinges can pivot eccentrically or centrally up to 360° if desired.