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Full-scale Anyway doors door

Unique Anyway doors interior door, made from high-quality materials, adjustable swing direction

The standard in minimalist doors since 1995

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Anywaydoors binnendeur zonder omlijsting
Anywaydoors grijze blokdeur
Anywaydoors kamerhoge binnendeur modern
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anywaydoors kamerhoge binnendeur
Anywaydoors moderne binnendeur van vloer tot plafond
Anywaydoors moderne blokdeur op maat
Anywaydoors moderne blokdeur
Anywaydoors moderne blokdeuren
Anywaydoors moderne taatsdeur centrale taatsscharnier
Anywaydoors onzichtbare binnendeur op maat
Anywaydoors onzichtbare binnendeur
Anywaydoors pivoterende deur
Anywaydoors witte binnendeur met onzichtbare omlijsting
Anywaydoors zwarte binnendeuren
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print
Anyway doors met marmer print


  • Adjustable swing angle (90° or 180°)

  • Concealed hinges with comfort close system

  • Fully finished = maintenance-friendly and scratch-proof

  • Noiseless closing

  • Invisible integrated ventilation 


  • Block profile: stark, minimalist aluminium profile (25 mm)

  • Integrated profile: without a visible profile

  • Surface-mounted profile: removable profiles (50 - 80 mm) or fixed profile (11 mm)

  • Various finishes available (choice of colours or wood prints)


  • Locks optional

  • Aluminium-coloured or black profiles

  • Wide choice of handles: integrated, surface-mounted and edge grips

Internal doors with concealed hinges and adjustable swing direction

The concealed hinges can be fitted on the left side as well as on the right side of the framework. The invisible hinges are hidden behind a special profile so nothing is visible, not even with a fully opened door! All interior doors close soundlessly by means of patented locking technology integrated in the door as well as in the minimalist frame.

The male (convex) part consists of a synthetic profile on the door leaf; the synthetic fitting in the door frame is the female (concave) part. Every Anyway door can therefore be set at a swing direction as desired of 90°, or 180°, this guarantees perfect closure and positioning. The system is fully modular, which means it remains adaptable in the future. 

Interior doors with an invisible door frame

Doors with invisible doorframes are now the in thing, but Anyway Doors has offered them since 1995. The Belgian brand may therefore rightly call itself a true pioneer in the field of doors without visible frames. A recessed frame requires the necessary preparations so that the system can be installed correctly and in the right way. A tried and tested system with a correct and stable mounting guarantees a beautiful finish without faults or cracks in the future!

Block doors with a minimalist aluminium frame

Anyway’s block doors have an anodised aluminium profile which is placed centrally in the doorway. The door openings should be finished off by your tiler or plasterer as if nothing is to be placed in it. Simply have them finished off beautifully with edge protectors or Gyproc. This frame provides a visually frameless effect and is the cheapest solution at Anyway.


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