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Glass Anyway doors door

Unique Anyway doors glass door, made from high-quality materials, adjustable swing direction

The standard in minimalist doors since 1995

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Anywaydoors centraal pivoterende glazen deur
Anywaydoors dubbele glazen deur
Anywaydoors glazen binnendeuren op maat
Anywaydoors glazen binnendeuren
Anywaydoors glazen deur met zijlicht
Anywaydoors glazen deur op maat mat glas
Anywaydoors moderne glazen deur gezuurd
Anywaydoors moderne glazen deur
Anywaydoors pivoterende glazen deur modern
Anywaydoors pivoterende stalen deur
Anywaydoors pivoterende stalen deur op maat
Anywaydoors stalen deur op maat
Anywaydoors stalen deuren op maat
Anywaydoors stalen taatsdeuren op maat
Anywaydoors zwart glazen deur
Anywaydoors zware glazen deuren


  • No need to integrate guide systems into the floor

  • Adjustable swing angle (90° or 180°)

  • Concealed hinges with comfort close system


  • 10 mm monolithic toughened glass

  • Completely clear, maintenance-friendly, acid-etched or sand-blasted

  • Single glazed or double hinged door

  • With pivoting hinges up to 2650 x 1850 mm


  • Other glass types available on request (e.g. grey glass, coloured, bronze, etc.)

  • Aluminium-coloured or black profiles

  • Grip collection

  • With visible profile (see full door)

Create a true Eye-Catcher with these made-to-measure glass interior doors

Glass interior doors are often used as an eye-catcher in a contemporary interior. Glass doors create a spacious feeling and also let in extra light. All glass doors at Anyway Doors are completely made ​​to measure.

Clear glass doors create a thermal and acoustic barrier, but you retain optimum transparency between the different areas.

Glass doors without floor springs

Glass interior doors with leavened or frosted glass in turn provide an optical shield, but you still retain about 80% of the natural light between the two rooms. Anyway Doors offers a wide range of glass doors, never requiring sprung or pumped flooring so there is no prior need for special fittings in the floor or ceiling!

Glass doors with good draft and acoustic insulation

The added value of glass doors by Anyway Doors is found in the perfect closure. The doors always come with a frame, either visible or not, which enables the glass doors to close perfectly against both draft and sound. The glass doors are equipped with a patented closing system, allowing tight and complete closure. There is a mandatory ventilation gap of 10mm at the bottom of the door. The doors can rotate in both directions or be limited to one side, if so desired.

The glass doors of Anyway Doors are always fitted without floor anchoring and thus without a floor spring. The invisible pivot hinges are fitted in the frame allowing the possibility of changing the hinge side of the door after placement, for optimum modularity.


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