AVC Gemino’s greatest assets | AVC Gemino

AVC Gemino’s greatest assets

AVC Gemino is the number one frame of reference for contemporary hinged or sliding doors and walls.

The AVC Gemino product range provides in custom solutions with infinite possibilities with regard to choice of colours and materials.



  • Various door and wall concepts tailored to your wishes and requirements

  • Always made-to-measure for your project height, width and segmentation integrated into an aesthetic whole

  • Executed in a wide selection of sustainable materials: glass (safety or tempered), Plexiglas®, wood finish (HPL), etc.

  • Frames available in various finishes (anodised, powder coated, etc.)



  • Timeless: for in contemporary as well as traditional interiors

  • Infinite creative possibilities: doors, walls, mobile walls, reception desks, objects, lighting, etc.

  • A harmonious connecting element between walls and doors

  • For every interior project and budget

  • Highly elegant frames and light structures 


Functional and Simple

  • High-tech door fittings (extensively tested - patented)

  • System-specific rubbers and seals

  • Transparency without any concessions to acoustic comfort

  • Maintenance-friendly


AVC Gemino makes the difference 

  • Innovation in products and solutions

  • Client-specific design and engineering

  • Solid project approach starting from a detailed concept study

  • Craftsmanship in execution

  • High-quality finish – refined details




Custom work for the contract market